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Welcome to my blog, which features frequent updates on local Takoma Park issues, including City Council meeting agendas, plus occasional commentary on national news and politics.

Agenda for September 28, 2016 City Council Meeting

Dear Neighbors:

The following is a link to the agenda for the September 28, 2016 City Council meeting:  https://takomaparkmd.gov/meeting_agendas/city-council-meeting-agenda-wednesday-september-28-2016/.  It’s a relatively light week, with a resolution to rename a recently purchased City property, several appointments to municipal commissions, and a discussion with the legislative advocacy firm that represents Takoma Park in Annapolis.

While it’s not formally on the agenda, during the meeting I also plan to bring up some of the questions that have been raised in particular by North Takoma residents about the recent Pepco tree pruning/removal activities in the City.  It’s reasonable for Pepco to take steps to prevent damage to transmission lines and power outages, but I think it’s also important to ensure that we do all we can to avoid unnecessary loss of entire trees. I am hopeful that the Council will review the Tree Ordinance later in the year, and in the meantime I am exploring steps we can take to ensure that in the current period of Pepco work, complete tree removal is kept to a minimum.

Dorothy’s Woods Renaming.  https://documents.takomaparkmd.gov/government/city-council/agendas/2016/council-20160928-1.pdf  I will be voting in favor of the re-naming resolution.

Ethics Commission Appointments.  https://documents.takomaparkmd.gov/government/city-council/agendas/2016/council-20160928-1a.pdf  I will be voting in favor of the appointments.

Tree Commission Appointment.  https://documents.takomaparkmd.gov/government/city-council/agendas/2016/council-20160928-1b.pdf  I will be voting in favor of the appointment.

Legislative Advocate Discussionhttps://documents.takomaparkmd.gov/government/city-council/agendas/2016/council-20160928-2.pdf.  Given the many ways the City is connected to the Maryland State government, it’s vital for us to have a strong ongoing presence in Annapolis. This discussion will enable us to discuss with a representative of our current State lobbying firm (Public Policy Partners) key legislative priorities for the coming year, and how to ensure that we work together effectively for the benefit of the City.

Please let me know if you have any questions or comments.

Peter Kovar, Takoma Park City Counci

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